Depending on availability, all frames will be return posted within 1-4 business days. All orders within the United States will be posted Priority Mail and all International orders will be posted First Class Mail.

iGruv Eyeware Return Policy

All hand-painted, custom designed eyeglass frame artwork is 100%, unconditionally guaranteed for the first 40 days from your order date. This time frame will give you approximately 30-35 days after arrival to inspect your new frames and get used to their unique and singular beauty. We encourage you to wear them out in public in order to fully appreciate their unique ‘excitability factor’ from family, friends, and, of course, total strangers.

We will gladly receive any returns back into the frame’s collective that are not what you expected, whether due to un-anticipated subtle color differences, stroke design, or size measurement errors.

Any frames that are returned must be returned in their original state of perfection. No credit will be given for any deliberate or accidental scraping, chipping, or any other signs of obvious misuse or abuse. These frames are a high-quality acetate and no credit will be given for any broken, cracked, or physically abused frames.

The customer will pay for all returned products. Your frames must be returned in original box with packing and frames case. You may keep the cleaning cloth, the iGruv Eyeware decal, and whatever business cards have not been already passed out. Do not send frames and case back in any kind of envelope.

All credits will be posted to your account within 1-3 days of receiving the return.


E-mail: ugruv@igruv.net

Phone: 406.969.6620