It’s A Beautiful Life…

I’m sitting in a lovely sunny window writing what will be the first of many blogs that celebrate all the beauty there is to enjoy in this beautiful life. Of specific interest to me and this subject of beauty is how we will specifically apply our effort to custom-design and hand-paint some innocent lovely little eyeglass frames with some outrageous metallic paints and thereby turning them into a wonderful work of art that enhances your beautiful eyes and face. Right? So to begin with, let’s use our words to design and write our own mission statement that will describe what this winsome mischief is all about. Are you ready? How about this one:

My Mission is to:

encourage, brighten, delight, and instill

in the people I meet, a sense of

wonder, hope, and joy

by finding, creating, designing, or acknowledging


in their external and/or internal world.

My goal then, is to encourage, brighten, and delight, YOU, with a sense of wonder, hope, and joy, by creating, designing and painting some happy little frame and thereby enhancing your own unique beauty in both your external and internal world. But I can’t do this alone. I need that great face of yours to drape with one of my special creations. If you can’t find one of my stock designs to your liking you can design your own special pair using the ‘Place a Custom Order’ button. Be sure to give me your e-mail address so I can keep you posted on our weekly updates. I PROMISE I will never give your address away to anyone.

…embrace your beauty;